Episode 69 – RJ Curtis – Country Battle Stations

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360-social-avatarOK.  Out of the gate, be aware this is NOT the typical episode.  I am doing this in conjunction with my Country Imaging service at TM Studios, 360 Country.  I do a quarterly conference call for affiliates where we discuss random topics related to branding and station positioning.  This particular episode deals with strategies when you find yourself in a “battle situation” whether you are the attacker or attackee.  Imaging related at times or programmatic issues.  I think any radio geek will enjoy this but if you have any relation to Country Radio it should be of value.

rj-curtisRJ Curtis is the guest.  He is the Country Editor at All Access, on top of writing a great column, and has been in the format in some capacity since the 80’s.  He has the luxury of the 30,000 feet view and has worked on all sides of music.  Later, my pal Terry Phillips joins in to discuss the war in Detroit with Nash v WYCD.

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