Alien Imaging: GOT VOICE? Get Ultra 2 Free!

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unnamedMy old pal Jeff Schmidt is at it again with a really creative way to launch a new product.  I’ve used his stuff and promoted it, because I love it, for a really long time.  If you happen to be in the radio world and also a voice actor then you might want to read on and send an email….I shall simply share direct from Jeff:


Do you want to voice the demo for the upcoming ULTRA FX 2 library?

Just EMAIL with a LINK to 1 demo featuring your voice. (please do not attach audio files)

Like ULTRA FX 1, ULTRA FX Volume 2 is a modern cutting edge FX package and needs voices to match.

I expect to choose more than 1 voice (would love both male AND female voices) so please send me your VO demo if you’re interested.

Every voice used in the demo will receive a free copy of ULTRA-FX 2 on release (expected Sept 15th)

PLUS – EVERY Alien Imaging FX package released to date.  Yes – everything!

In addition – all voices will be credited on the SoundCloud Player and on the Alien Imaging website.

You must be able to voice a short script and deliver a professional 16/44.1khz .wav with 72 hours of receiving the script.

You will receive links to download all Alien Imaging Libraries for free as compensation.

To be considered please get me a link to your demo (DO NOT ATTACH FILES) byAugust 22, 2014.

I can’t wait to hear you!

In the meantime – here’s a special 40% off discount good until midnight Pacific Time on Friday Aug 22.


–jeff schmidt
[email protected]

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