Stew Herrera: Pedaling in the California Coast Classic

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MAIbEiAIAAAAiCK7Cx5TcuqaQ1gEQjY-JvJPMuJJRGP6204yNmY6ymwEwATTpx47ReRUUPdIX1rP_O-lo3bl8y good pal and all around stellar individual, Stew Herrera, is riding a REALLY long distance for charity…again.  I will let his message explain below but I hope you can support him!


This is the 4th year I’m involving myself with this charity bike ride- 525 miles from San Francisco back home to LA.  It’s a fantastic adventure, and it raises a lot of money for a great 501(c)3 organization, the Arthritis Foundation.

This is honestly my least favorite part of it: soliciting for support.

Nevertheless, I’m writing to ask for your helping hand once again.  Most of us know someone with arthritis- my Mom has it, her Mom had it, and I suppose before too long some of US may actually be complaining about it.  (I hope not!)

But the truth is, arthritis doesn’t only affect adults.  A LOT of kids have juvenile arthritis, and their cases are particularly heartbreaking.  The Arthritis Foundation works hard on behalf of EVERYONE with arthritis to pursue research, treatment, and ultimately, a cure.

This September, my teammates and I will be pedaling in the California Coast Classic, the AF’s annual fundraiser.

If you’re in a position to help out with a donation of any size, please consider doing so here:  Any money donated is 100% tax deductible, and fully redeemable at the Good Karma exchange.  You’ll also have my undying gratitude, which is priceless, but certainly not worthless.

If you’re squeamish about sending funds electronically, you can send a check in the mail.  Simply print the page you’ll find here: 
and just follow the directions.

If you’re on Facebook, you can follow my riveting (?) training progress as the ride draws closer, and of course, the 8 day event itself.  It’s like being on the ride, without all the sweat, danger, and pain.  Or the sometimes kooky outfits.

Seriously though, I am truly grateful for all the friends, family, and colleagues who have donated to this cause of mine over the years.  If you’re able to do so once again, you are truly not just my hero, but a hero to a lot of sweet kids and their families who will be able to lead lives that are a lot more normal than they would otherwise be.