Episode 71 – FOXX – CHASE – Super Show

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Chase FaceTo celebrate the anniversary of the show I wanted to do something big for everyone.  To me that meant getting more than one guest and it meant getting the biggest names in the industry.  Based on feedback, listen counts of previous shows and just an overall feeling from industry pros, the two guests I have brought together accomplish both of these goals perfectly. Dave Foxx and Eric Chase need NO intro. In fact if you don’t know who they are then this podcast simply isn’t for you.  So I won’t say much except prepare for a totally candid analysis of the radio industry from  two people at it’s peak.  I didn’t waste much time talking tech jargon (save the cloud/data speak at the end) instead leaning the chat towards industry trends, present and future, and what we all can do as producers and voice talents to advance ourselves and our industry.  I think you will enjoy this show.  I certainly enjoyed facilitating it.

Sidenote: No extra setup intro and just one convenient part.

Sidenote 2: Thanks to Brian Cooney for the Vocal assist on my new intro/outro.  How F-n cool is he?

OH and I HAD to make the FOXX Circa 1974 pic the Feature!  Classic, right??

Foxx-circa 1974

3 thoughts on “Episode 71 – FOXX – CHASE – Super Show

  1. I’ve been wanting to reinvent myself from programming/onair to more production and imaging. I’ve been trying to ‘shadow’ some production people here at CC and it’s not working. Don’t try to reinvent yourself. It doesn’t work. You are only allowed to be what people think you are. It’s kinda sad actually. Dying to image and voice for radio.

  2. Yes! Another informative and fun podcast. Plus, now I know even the big dog’s pop p’s. (Love the new intro BTW)

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