Episode 74: Mike Kaminski

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mike kaminskiWhat a fun time it is having 30 different people on your show…in the form of one man: Mike Kaminski.  Actually. I suspect Mike could have brought triple digits if I let him.  But as for Character voices and Imitation specialists I have now interviewed one of the very best.  There is a radio imaging connection here (an obvious one maybe) but depending on what you subscribe to, its possible you use Mike and don’t even know it.  I tried to get inside his mind which was brave of me, but I’m no hero.  I also tried to dig deep into what a career in this type of work is really like.  I think you will enjoy it. I used only part of his full service demo in the intro so be sure to visit his links for tons more.

Mike’s Site: http://www.parodycentral.net/index.html

Mike’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/scenesofaudio

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