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I try to toss up a post about new products I run into (or are sent to me;)  and today I will do just that.   AND FYI – I do NOT discriminate.  If you have a product and want to send me info, demos, samples etc etc – I will get them on the site.  IF I get the entire product I will give it a thorough review.  If not, thats fine too I will just create a smaller, simpler post.  OK nuff bout that.

JD2 – Justin Dove has just dropped a 200-cutter on us for a pretty darn fine price. $150CDN (comes to about $133 USD if I used google properly)

www.JD2.ca is where you can f6da7605e35e00031bb302185dd0a3e6hear it and buy it.  I reached out to Justin for some follow up on exactly what is expected in the file count:


$150 (Canadian) for 200 short form beds, and elements. 90% of the package is made up of short form beds: In total there are 34 IMPACTS. 22 INDENTS (or as I call..WEIRD NOISE) five 1 minute TALK OVER BEDS….and 135 short form beds…all ranging in length for 7 seconds to 20 seconds in length…with BPM signatures on each of them. The package is $150.00 CDN buy out…once ya buy it..use it forever on your station. Let me know if you need any other information

I told him this is intriguing to me as I find myself using the short/medium length beds often and I also know a lot of prods complain, “I never have enough beds!” This will help out!

Check it out and feedback below if you get it (or got it) and use it.

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