Big Fish Goes Boom

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logoI promise I will post about things that are not new Imaging FX packages or services soon.  But this is what is on my radar and I also like to help out friends when I can.  Ian at Big Fish Worldwide released Big Fish Workparts 7 a short while back.  It is currently selling at a discounted price ($307.77 USD). It also happens to be awesome.  Now, I still highly recommend you get on board with his update service, Big Fish Workparts, because it is the BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK. I also utilize Ian’s services in multiple ways and he always kills it. It’s why I have kept coming back for YEARS.

Big_Fish_Worldwide_radio_imaging_package_sound_design_production_fx_effects_jingles_100_huge_hits_1024x1024As I peruse articles about the no good, stinking, dirty, filthy, cheating, Patriots and their saggy balls (I could actually care less), I stumble into a new package from BFW.  100 HUGE HITS! It’s all kitten sounds, 100 of them!

NO, its exactly as advertised – great, big, monster, useful, well produced hits. Hundred Bucks.  Dollar a hit.  Not too shabby.

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