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KxdF1Ujj_400x400The press release below says it all but based on this announcement and the previous Kelly (x3) Doherty announcement, Anthony Timmers and the team with The Imaging Days is REALLY getting serious.  To make it official:  John Frost will be at the Imaging Days, 2015.  So far two big time “International” talents this year.  I am already conversing with many of the big names in Europe and they all plan to be back or be there for the first time.  So the euro contingent is in too.

Rant alert but I have to put this in print:  I’ve been a rather large critic of almost EVERY American Radio Conference for their near complete lack of Imaging content.  I’ve been scorned too many times.  Sure, I’ve offered my input in a very courteous and helpful manner and have been categorically ignored. But I sort of think, while I know I’ll be ignored SOMEONE has to advocate for us so it’ll be me if/when I can.

Example: the COUNTRY radio seminar I just attended had ONE session on Imaging.  At this ONE session they had ONE imaging producer on the panel (Another Commercial writer/producer and a popular voice artist…for the History Channel NOT radio). The ONE Imaging producer they did have not only does not produce country imaging, he was CLEAR about his complete lack of knowledge of the format in general.  I LOVE Stew, not HIS fault, but the people who put these conferences on all but laugh in our faces as to our importance to the overall success of radio.  The folks who put on conferences are solely worried about appeasing Radio OM’s, VP’s, Label Executives and the like. But Imaging is disrespected. Maybe that’s why EVERY station has Imaging?  And it’s generally the second most prevalent content on the station?

The Imaging Days, while for us ‘Muricans is more difficult to get to, is such an about face from EVERY other conference its almost overwhelming.  BUT take it from me, if this is what you do, it is so totally worth it.  Last year I was one of very few Americans in attendance and even fewer who took the stage so just based on the first two announcements and what I mentioned about the Euro talent for Volume 2 of The Imaging Days, it should truly feel like the ultimate International Imaging Event. Again, it will be one of your best professional experiences. Oh wait…video announcement too!

Press Release:

John Frost confirmed for The Imaging Days 2015

HAARLEM – We’re proud to announce that John Frost is confirmed for The Imaging Days 2015. He’s gonna do a seminar about copywriting, producing and timing.

John Frost is one of the biggest radio imaging influences in the world, breaking the mold of your standard radio production. John’s unique writing skills and quick comedic wit shaped the sound of KROQ/Los Angeles where he spent 14 years as Imaging Director and won numerous accolades and awards, including “Radio Innovator of the Year”. Known as a trendsetter, it’s no wonder why many producers credit John as one of their biggest inspirations in radio imaging.

In 2001, John created Frostbytes Online with Premiere Radio Networks. One of the first online station imaging services in the U.S. and unmatched for sheer creativity and imagination with edgy, clever new takes on music beds, sounds, sketches and promo starters.

John is also a sought out voiceover talent represented by Hoss at Atlas Talent in NYC. Hear him on KFI/Los Angeles, DC101/Baltimore & numerous other stations throughout the U.S.

The Imaging Days 2015 Premium Partners (in alphabetical order):

Beds & Beats, Benztown, Capital of Media, The Radio Imaging Library, Top Format and TRX Music.


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