VIDEO: Alien Imaging – AI-FX Library walkthrough

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The very respected Jeff Schmidt of Alien Imaging released AI-FX V1 recently as he is also in the midst of becoming a “For-Barter” service via Benztown (Read more on that on his site or join his email list).  I’ve owned EVERY package he’s released and I feel like I’ve been more than clear about AI’s quality and ease of use.  I am a fan.

I really enjoy knowing EXACTLY what you get when buying any library of sound including sound design, music, sfx etc. In fact, one of the bigger letdowns can be that the structure of the files and the type of files you get are NOTHING like what you expected – maybe all they gave you was a 60 second demo and told you, “500 files, 2GB.”  Jeff has posted a walkthrough vid showing you exactly what you get.

OH – and if I haven’t hyped it enough – JOIN his list.  He doesn’t blow up your box but you do get very LEGIT discounts on his products.  Check out the Walkthrough!

And – WTF – I think he won’t be pissed.  Here is a handy little code.  See…REAL money is saved by being on his list…

Public price: $400 buyout
Alien Nation price: $299
Just use coupon code AlienBenz 
(good till July 5th)

Again, sorry Jeff if this is secret but MY readers need to know 😉