Echo Collective: Lockdown

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lockdown-logo.003-400x300I’ve mentioned the audio experts at Dallas Audio Post before and by extension, their Echo Collective brand – they record highly technical, high quality audio including custom sound kits and instruments for design, film, trailer, and RADIO.  Some of their releases are way too detailed for radio or at least too detailed for daily use.  SOME are much more suited toward what we do.

I grabbed a copy of the latest product – LOCKDOWN – and as advertised it is FULL of sounds we can use regularly. It’s packed with 1700 “Elements” – mechanism sounds, including Lockdowns (duh) , latches, impacts and more. They’ve provided 500 VERY produced sounds (“Designed”) based on the clean, original 1700 cuts plus two kontakt instruments. BUT the files are offered in the clear so if using a VST/Player ain’t your thing, no problem.  For Radio-folk –  I’d say “Layering” our hits, wipes, stabs, sweeps and promos would be the widest potential use but the stuff stands on its own too. Sound designers will be in heaven.  Fiscal conservatives will love it! $40 bucks.  Crazy value for massive content.  If you’ve never heard of them then peruse the other products too.  They’ve built up a really nice library now, all at great prices.  But honestly (to me) Lockdown is next-level as far as value and scope.

I am lucky as I literally work blocks from their complex, so I get to see ’em in person ;-), but I highly recommend checking out what they do.  Rene Coronado is my contact over there but the entire team is filled with real audio pros. The best part is that with this arm of the company (Echo Collective) they are committed to keeping their prices very low so everyone can enjoy what they do. We all win.