Episode 95: Cowboy Kyle

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Kyle CroftCK, Kyle, Cowboy – whatever you call him – Cowboy Kyle is the Imaging Director at WUSY – US 101 in Chattanooga. CK also images over 20 country stations nationwide including New Orleans, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Augusta, Des Moines, Wichita, and several more. He KILLS it by knowing the audience, knowing how to write for the format (AND his voice-talent), a master of brevity and thus he continues to grow his client roster.

Contact him on all the socials @CowboyKyle101

Email: [email protected]

In an effort to “expand” the scope of my show (in quotes as there is a certain level of irony here) I’m finally bringing on another COUNTRY IMAGING SPECIALIST – Cowboy Kyle.  But of course, like all of us, he produces for other formats as well.  Why irony? I had my largest career advancement when I moved to Country (KSCS-Dallas) and have been completely engulfed in the format since 2006 running an updating jingle/imaging service via TM, producing country content for Westwood One, voicing and producing country stations and generally just being a huge fan. I waited in lines at midnight to buy new Garth albums in the mid nineties.   Me interviewing Cowboy Kyle is going to go a long way to getting some focus put BACK on the Hillbilly music! (with LOVE)

WUSY Sidenote/Background for NON-Country peeps –  If you aren’t connected to the format here is my quick rundown on one element which informs the overall story here:  There are a few stations that are always nominated for, and then win, every award.  These awards include but are not limited to ACM and CMA Station of the year, ACM and CMA show/talent of the year, CRS awards and more.  WUSY is ALWAYS on the list. Always.  I can say a lot of things about US 101 but I’ll leave it at this:  they are drenched in Heritage AND dominate the market as the “Contemporary” positioned station.  This is pretty hard to accomplish. If you want to be the NEW COUNTRY station, Heritage is often a debilitating negative force.

CLICK HERE for the full audio demo I out together with all kinds of Cowboy Kyle Imaging.

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