FREE VST’s in 2016 (So Far)

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25 vstBeen way too long since I wrote up a simple, unassuming blog post.  I typically try to save the blog for something of real value, whether free or discounted product, or just great info.  AND today I keep it going BUT it’s FREE product x 25! That’s right, 25 free VST plugins producers are digging in 2016, so far.  I’ll let the fine folks at Music Radar take the credit for the work they did BUT I’ve gone through almost every plug and they are all both PC and MAC flavors.  All actually seem to be free and they range from comps to EQ’s to Instruments etc.

For the Pro Tools users out there who haven’t got into the VST world yet, it’s worth it. The one caveat is that you need a “wrapper” (kind of an old term now I guess) or a tool that acts as a middle-man between PT and the VST plugin.  Pro tools can’t open VST’s on its own. I mean what do you expect you ingrate. Pro Tools is the most widely used DAW on Earth…why SHOULD it open VST’s?  There are only millions of VST’s out there and some of them are EPIC… but I digress.

TIP: Bluecat Patchwork is a great tool for instantiating VST’s in Pro tools.  I’ve really used only two, ever, but this one is my favorite.