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collegiate fxJust got word that Tom Baker, that college puke (I mentioned HERE) who thinks he’s a professional Sound Designer, has officially released his first SFX package.  On the first day of school too! All joking aside I asked him for more info, a link…and if he was going to offer a discount at release…he obliged.  See below…
It’s done. The first ever student designed Imaging FX pack is now available. I decided to release it on my first day back at Lincoln College in Lincoln,IL to ring in my second year of higher education. Pick it up from the Collegiate FX Bookstore.
And everyone knows it’s not truly a back-to-school event without a sale right?
This week, Collegiate FX Vol. 1 is only $29.99 (33% off) for 122 FX that are totally usable for pros and great for other young producers who might be shopping for their first couple buyout packs.
YES – I have it and I can say with 100% certitude that it is worth every penny. At the discount you should feel like you just stole from him.  At 33% off you should feel some level of shame for taking the download at that price.  BUT do it anyway, he’s the one who made it that cheap.