The Imaging Days 2016: #TID16 DAY 2 Update

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****(Day One Update Post)****

I’m writing this after I made the 6am trip over to Berlin. Some hours to kill – so lets post some pics!





The Imaging Days Website:

Again, check out Steven Martin’s posts for the “play by play” at Earshot Creative.


Day 2 was just as great as Day 1. I have more knowledge and about $500 worth of new plug ins to buy. Here are a few Photo’s but just use hash #TID16 on the socials as so many people were posting tons of great stuff online. No particular order this time…

Dave Foxx punted on day 2 (at least that what he told me in the AM) and built a promo from scratch, on stage.  He wanted to let people see every step, every edit – he even voiced it on stage.  People asked questions and I think many realized that technical savvy isn’t everything.  He has it and it helps BUT writing, VO skills, telling  story is more than slinging comps, limiters, EQs and other plugs together.


Nic Smon revisits Ableton Live for Radio Imaging and I am more impressed today than yesterday. Chris Stevens hosted this one and together they really had people thinking…”Do we really need to be on Pro Tools?”  He did started turn heads toward Ableton for not just the music, loop, tempo, mashup based prod


Had to throw another plug in for Earshot Creative – Steve Martin just does killer work.  Huge asset to our industry and our people


Niels and Joost – They are big time at QMUSIC. If you don’t know their work, go seek it out.


Anthony Timmers puts on the Imaging Days AND runs Spine Jingles with Jean-Paul Van Drutten. They went super deep into a Jingle track, every beat, every synth.  Very detailed session.


I was not familiar with CENTER by Waves.  It got a lot of chatter for what seems like a simple, inexpensive plug, so maybe check it out?


Christian Troitsch was another Pro Tools based session BUT I enjoyed his format and hope to see more of this. He showed some very small tips and bits from many different types of audio scenarios.  Like a grab-bag of techniques, many you might not know but all you can apply many ways. Example: Clip Sync Points.  Super useful for working with any type of audio on grid/tempo or lining up hits with transients in beats etc. I’m going to talk him into being on the podcast, he’s got way too much to share.  I am also responsible for getting to speak english in a public setting for the first time…(Day 1 Panel gave him some practice)


Staxx had a charming, honest and informative session about how he has landed where he is at Z and KTU. There just ain’t no ego there.  Humility, maturity and servicing the listener and the Brand, fiercely, and to the best of his ability. Being funny and clever doesn’t hurt. He kicks ass.


I don’t take many pics BUT I had to get this one before we all went our separate ways…


Enda Caldwell covers events for All Access…pretty sure this one didn’t make his update. OH Enda…(Thanks for taking one of my favorite Geeky radio pics above)


I’ll leave you with this…