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por_prod_100To celebrate the (official) 100th show of my now 8 year old podcast I set out to create the most International audio program about the current state of Radio Imaging.  I asked about 40 radio pros to talk about radio imaging. Simple right?  We discuss why we do it, the future of the industry, what we do well, what we can improve, some tools/plug-ins and some wise words and wishes.

YIKES…I thought this was such a good idea (and maybe it was) but did I plan for the actual “How?” of the thing?  Nope.  I probably could have put it together 7 days ago but I kept trying to envision how you would want to actually listen to this type of thing, then second guessed myself over and over.

There are 40 different people representing 14 countries speaking maybe, 20 languages…(actually they were all kind enough to answer me in English). So, I finally decided to JUST DO the thing – I had everyone do one intro in the beginning and then answer the questions as they came.  Not everyone answered every question and sometimes we were a bit off topic BUT damn, I am really impressed with the thoughtful discussion of what we do.  From the legendary veteran types to the ones who have less than a year in the game, EVERYONE was impressive and we have a bright future.  I love to see our international community grow closer, our borders dissolve and our geographical distances become meaningless.

Thanks to everyone for listening to 100 (or more) shows, to my past and future guests and especially everyone who joined me for the BIG 100!