TEXTROBOT: Kontakt + Sound design from SoundFX Wizard

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Giorgio Riolo checks in with a new “Toy” for us sound geeks – TEXTROBOT. I have had my way with it and can see lots of potential uses. It utilizes Kontakt and allows you to “play” a ton of digital typing, clicking, switching and slamming FX in a one-shot or rhythmic manner.  Perhaps you’re making a simple “digital related” web sweeper where we want to add some texture, digital themed music, or text contest promo.  This new plug/instrument will provide great texture – possibly you get real creative and use this for every element in the production.

It’ about 50 euro which is only slightly more in US currency (and about 3254 Rubles.)

Here’s a link to read more and get the specs!  http://www.soundfxwizard.com/wordpress/2016/12/11/textrobot/


From the site:

TEXTROBOT is a NI Kontakt instrument designed to help you in the sound design of UI sounds and to produce retriggered samples for VFX text animations.  All samples are 165 and they are easily accessible using a MIDI master keyboard from the first octave. You can choose a category to load a set of samples and play it manually or in the retriggered way (if active) by holding down the note.