Episode 103: Ben Marks

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That’s Ben marks!  Imaging Producer at Reel World Europe.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many people from their team and like everyone else – Ben exudes class, humility and TALENT. Check out the link below to Reel World’s Blog about the Radio 1 Extra project.  It should show you all you need to know about what Ben does and can do.  You may have seen him speak at Imaging Days 2015 or reelMix 2016.  I did my best to expand on many techniques, themes and projects you heard or saw. It’s hard to talk about “How” you do very high level audio crafting but Ben does a great job of that too.

We mentioned a few links, his email, a screen grab in show:

Ben’s Website:  SubstanceB.co.uk

Email Ben:  [email protected]

Reel World Blog Article


Effectrix from SugarBytes