WIN Some Sounds: CLAY FX

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UPDATE – WINNERS! – Congrats to the THREE lucky winners of CLAY FX!

Ryan McClean ‏@RyanOnYourRadio
Christian Thon ‏@christianthon
J.J. Stone ‏@jjstone_FM


Mark Chadwick is one of those creatives that likes to keep his hands in all kinds of audio.  He’s a well known VO talent in the UK, Music Producer and Sound Designer.  He told me about his new FX pack coming a while back and is now very excited to introduce it to the world.  CLAY FX via This  Is Distorted – I have it and its great but be warned its HARD with Sharp edges and will knock you back a few steps.  DEMO BELOW – BUT FIRST…

Wanna Free copy?  You got it!

Before January 13th – Send a tweet using at LEAST this:  #GiveMeClayFX

If you want to tag us, cool too – @rdrean – @markchadwickuk

Here is an example: “Can’t wait to get my ears on CLAY FX! #GiveMeClayFX @rdrean @markchadwickuk –

After January 13th we’ll announce the winner (or winners) on Twitter and this blog.  Good luck!!

Check out the demo:

Of course you can always buy it if you missed the contest or are not interested in winning things or tweeting things…or both.

CLAY FX via This  Is Distorted

I asked Mark to give me some more info on it AND if he REALLY meant to create such a shredded, in-your-face product (Spoiler – yes, he did):

I always thought of it as something that would be unmistakable HOT CHR, and uniquely styled. I draw influence from Games, Film and hype. I wasn’t interested in putting the usual run of the mill (staple elements) in my package, not when you can find them from multiple sources, often for free. I wanted to produce what sounds like a loads of happy accidents, not vinyl stop down FX.
All the sounds have been battle-tested on Radio in the UK and TV in Estonia before committed to the ‘Clay’ package.
Its got attitude so its CHR, HELL – like not even all CHR could hack the ride. ALT, ROCK…. Yeah, if its badass??