Episode 105: Roger Rose

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Roger Rose is one of the premier promo voices in America. While many people will know Roger, or at minimum his voice, from the Columbia Broadcasting System it might still be a surprise to find out on just how many venues he is heard. CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX – The Grammys, The Emmys, People’s Choice, Other Live events – Animation, Commercial, Affiliate Voice, Trailers, Long-form Narration (on networks and shows you probably watch) – Director, Producer, Actor (Ski Patrol!), Improv, Comedy, Drama, Variety….I should stop.

Wait – One more – Fred Savage Friend. (I love Fred Savage, so I had to bring it up) OK, we perhaps spent a little too much time on Fred to open the show.  I left it because, Fred Savage.



Visit www.RogerRose.com for all the other Roger Roseness you can handle.