Episode 107: Andrew Berger

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Andrew Berger is the Imaging Director at POWER 106 in Los Angeles, CA.  Power is one of the longest running Hip Hop stations in America and one that has built genres and landscapes, waged battles and defined radio strategies for decades.  It has certainly evolved in different ways but to say it isn’t an EXTREMELY important station in the grand scheme of radio would be wrong.

Andrew is one of those people I think about when I keep doing this podcast.

Andrew consumes these interviews more than most people (more than anyone should). He analyzes everything that the pros with whom I speak have to say and applies them to his advancement. He reached out to EVERYONE and, by his own words, was really annoying and he knew he was.  But he was determined and driven to be where he is so it was probably written this way all along.  I first heard from Andrew when he was about 18…and now a few years later he has the gig at POWER in LA.  We go into detail on his path and what he has done to get where he is.  We do a little tech talk, day-to-day life at POWER, his influences and much more.  If I can only achieve ONE thing with this one I hope it inspires you.  Whether you are a producer, a DJ, a PD, a VO or in Sales I think his passion is infectious.

FYI: We conducted this interview about a week before the sale to Meruelo was announced.  That sale won’t seem to have much impact on the Brand or this interview at the time I am posting this.