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I’m a sucker for new Sound Design FX products.  Especially good ones (duh) and that’s what we have here. SPLAT!FREQZ.  Now, I don’t want to take undue credit for anything but SPLAT!FREQZ is pretty much all because of me.  I mean I didnt produce anything nor was I ever in the same room as Joe AND Dave at the same time, I didn’t even know they would collaborate like this, but I did sort introduce them and then this Sound Baby was born so I mean that’s basically like playing God right?  I jest.  Seriously, a couple industry pros got together and Splat!Freqz was born.  I was quoted in the PR as I was lucky enough to get my hands on this VERY early. But I REALLY do like the way Joe structures his products. Let me give you a quick rundown on some background and what it is, some links, a sweet audio demo and then I’ll let the PR do the heavy lifting.



Joe D’Agostin, Owner of SoundFreqz Sound Design and Dave Marsh, President of Splat! Radio Imaging are the guys who brought this to life.  I’ve known Joe a long time and am a big fan of his style of SFX production. To meet Dave I had to travel to Amsterdam for some reason but we connected and discussed killer talent out there ie Joe.  They went off a created a new venture.  Joe gives you many cuts in a variety of dynamic categories.

I’d say, to me, SPLAT!FREQZ would be in the middle of the “Aggressive” spectrum.  There are much harder edged products out there and softer ones too. This lands in the middle but it’s one of the big reasons I feel you can legitimately use it on a wide variety of formats.  Also, Joe ain’t afraid to include appropriate drops and organic sounds in the combo pieces and, when it makes sense, he gives a variety of mix-outs. SO if you don’t like drops in your imaging SFX, No problem.



This is the very easy to remember URL where one might buy it:

Finally here is the Official PR giving you plenty of info and reiterating some stuff I already mentioned…


Splat!Freqz – Radio imaging outliers join forces for new FX library.

Los Angeles/Washington, D.C. – May 1, 2017 – Two of radio’s most unique creative forces, Splat! Radio Imaging and Sound Freqz Sound Design, have announced the launch of a new co-branded project – Splat!Freqz Audio Production FX.

Splat!Freqz is a 125 track buyout FX package produced by renowned sound designer Joe D’Agostin and shaped to the specifications of radio producers who demand easy to use, high-impact, sonically superior audio effects.  Logically designed and structured, Splat!Freqz integrates seamlessly with CHR, Urban, Rock, Talk, Sports, Alternative and any format that requires functional, highly creative production sounds.

Industry buzz for Splat!Freqz has been instant, and it’s already on the air and making an impact at stations including Hot 97 New York, CHUM-FM Toronto and WMMR/WMGK Philadelphia.

WMMR’s Imaging Director, Tony Maddox, praises Splat!Freqz for its ease of use and sound quality. “Splat!Freqz sounds fit perfectly in the mix–no time wasted EQing or fiddling around trying to get them to cut through,” he said. “You literally plug them in and BAM! Good to go. Love it.”

Sideshow “Sidey” Mike Anderson from Triple M Imaging, Southern Cross Austereo in Sydney, Australia offered more praise for the creative sound design. “I’ve always been a big fan of Sound Freqz. I love the effects, they’re great for getting some real impact,” he said.  “There are plenty of nice real organic elements but also a good mix of sounds that really makes your ears bleed when you wanna cut through the rock!”

Among other early believers is Ryan Drean, Creative Director at TM Studios and host of The Producers podcast. “The whole package is awesome,” said Drean.  “The variety of useful elements help me bang out sweeps and stagers in bulk. Great for multiple formats too!  VERY Solid!”

Created to provide an affordable, high-quality option for radio stations and freelance producers, the project collaboration was conceived by Dave Marsh, President of Splat! Radio Imaging. “For years imaging producers have been asking us to create a fun and focused buyout package like this.  Now is the perfect time, and SoundFreqz were the perfect partners for us,” he said. “The sound design really stands out as unique in the market. This collaboration has been a blast, you can hear the results in the package!” 

Joe D’Agostin, Owner of SoundFreqz Sound Design says “It can be a challenge creating something compelling for users. The imaging landscape is really changing and there are a lot of buyout fx packages out there. We aimed to do something useful but unique,” said D’Agostin.  “Producers want fx that sound amazing and make their work easier. I consciously try to produce packages that have a well-rounded array of contrast between the elements, which differ sonically and are functional!  I feel that this offers more value and variety.  Users are also looking for quality and reliability, so it is a big plus for them to know and trust the brands – Splat! and Sound Freqz.  It’s a match made in imaging heaven.”

Splat!Freqz Audio Imaging FX is available for a one-time buyout license and can be purchased now at

About the companies:

Splat! Radio Imaging, based in Washington, DC, is the producer of Splat! Imaging packages, the go-to brand for radio stations that demand distinct branding and industry leading customer service.  Available in all major radio formats, Splat! Imaging packages are heard throughout the US and around the world.

SoundFreqz is a boutique style audio imaging entity based out of Los Angeles, CA, that creates smaller affordable buy-out packages for producers, radio stations and post-production studios. Owner/Producer Joe D’Agostin is also a multi-format, freelance, imaging producer for radio stations worldwide.


Dave Marsh
Splat! Radio Imaging
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Joe D’Agostin

Sound Freqz Audio Imaging

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