Episode 110: Daniel Testa

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My first Maltese guest, Dan Testa, is one of, if not the youngest guests on the show to date. I actually had no idea he was this young BECAUSE of how advanced his skill-set is. I believe when you hear his work and hear him talk about radio it will obvious why I had to get him featured.  A “Young Gun” for sure but a skill level beyond his years, Dan is Head of Production at 897 BAY in Malta.  He is a shining example of how Networking can and should be used in a positive manner, how you can learn from the BEST in this business even if you are secluded on a tiny island “near” Italy and the barriers to becomig VERY good if not GREAT at radio production are of your own making.  Enjoy this one as we start with the big picture stuff (Like where is Malta?) on down to the nuts and bolts of how he accomplishes his sound.

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