Episode 111: Wendy K Gray

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How about one of the top Radio Imaging Voices as my next guest?  I welcome in Wendy K Gray.  On top of that, Wendy is a killer in the world of Promo, Animation (all aspects of that), Commercial, Industrial and Narration. Plus she is a singer/songwriter with years of writing, recording and performing under her belt.  She’s taking meetings on projects with the likes of Seth MacFarlane and tells the story at the end of the show.  But she is a super shy, humble and talented individual that  even let me get a few words in over the course of our 70 minute chat. By fault of only ME I have not featured enough Women on this show.  I will try to do better.

I tossed the link to her site below but I also hope you swing by the Show Notes Page for this one.  I condensed all the content to a few links and paragraphs but she gave me a ton of Bonus Content!  ENJOY!!

EDIT: (I blame Wendy for sending me SO MUCH stuff) I forgot to put her email address here so you can reach out and bother her be nice to her:  [email protected]