New Sound Design: Broken Air 2

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I am late to the party on this one (MY FAULT) but I want to throw some love at the fine folks at Sticky FX.  They have just released a new package called Broken Air 2. I’ve placed the Demo and Press Release below.  It feels very Mainstream-CHR but I can hear HAC and ALTy stations getting some good stuff out of it too.  They provide a wide range of sound types (Short, long, FX, Beats etc) and 300 sounds for 211,65 € is a solid buy.

Looks like they are offering 15% off right now and you can bundle Broken Air 1 and 2 for a discount.  Check it out, see if it fits your needs!

Reminder to ANYONE producing FX products (Or any products for Producers) I am happy to share it here and on my socials.  Just shoot me the info!


Make your imaging bigger and fatter!

Who says big and fat is bad? Meet Broken Air 2 from Sticky FX Productions in The Netherlands! The biggest and fattest sounding library around. A must have for any CHR, Hot AC or Greatest Hits imaging director. This multi-format package contains 300 fx and work parts that will give your productions the punch you’re looking for.

With the Air Breakers you can splice up messages or accentuate certain parts of your production. When you want to come in with a bang, use the Low Breakers. They also work great for sudden changes in your production. And when you want start of your imaging with the right amount of energy, there’s the Starters. The perfect way to launch your promo or ID. New in Broken Air 2 are the Drama Hits which give you the ability to create some real suspense in your imaging. Together with the steps you can create a level of suspense that makes your listeners want to know what’s going on.

For more subtle work there’s this package features lots of Whoosh Hits. Also you got your Impacts and lots of Beats for promos and talk-over stuff for your jocks.

Just mix and match all the tools in Broken Air 2 to your wishes and the possibilities become endless. Give your imaging the ultimate big, fat, punch with Broken Air 2. The library that gives your station’s imaging, the power it needs to cut through!

Check out the demo:

Or simply download it immediately at: Get it now with the introduction discount of 15%. For a limited time, only! Broken Air 1 and 2 are also available as a friendly priced bundle.


Broken Air 2 – copyright 2017 Sticky FX Productions