New Sound Design: Morning Freqz

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I got my hands on this one a while back and have been patiently waiting for two of my favorite sound designers to GET THIS RELEASED! MORNING FREQZ VOL. 1 & 2 from Bryan Apple & Joe D’Agostin is GO!  I dropped the “One-Sheet,” a demo and other info below.  In the demo you will hear some of the stuff I made with it, other producer’s samples and a TON of standard demo audio. But make no mistake – This package is LARGE and VERY Useful. While it is called a “Morning Imaging Package” I contend it can be used pretty easily across the entire station.  Certainly the drops, vocal elements, and some sfx are very morning-esque but there are so many mix-outs of everything that various alt versions of shells can be adapted easily.  SFX and BEDS are stellar and almost all ever-green too.  I could go on and on about the quality, quantity and overall dynamic usage potential.

FYI – they divided it up into two volumes so you can choose “How much” content and $$$ you want to aquire/dish out but there is a solid discount to buy both.

Check out the demo, hit the link below and get your hands on this one!

Now Available @



Sound Designers and Imaging Producers, Bryan Apple & Joe D’Agostin team up to bring you “MORNING FREQZ”. Vol. 1 & 2

A total of 711 tracks specifically designed to reinvigorate your Morning’s imaging!

You can never have enough material for your Mornings, and “MORNING FREQZ” is essential for updating your most important branding needs. Your Morning Show’s imaging is the equivalent of the Ole’ adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the
day”. Mornings set the pace for the rest of your listeners’ day.

Guarantee that they wake up on the right side of bed!

* Interchangeable Elements To Inspire, Create & Revitalize * Plug & Play Morning /Breakfast Themed Shells
* Morning Infused FX
* A Multitude Of Mix & Match Audio Building Blocks

* Beds
* Drops
* Listener Drops
* Contest/Game & Social/Tech FX * Loads Of Mix-Out Tracks

Morning Freqz Vol. 1 & 2 Includes:

237 Imaging FX + 54 Beds plus mix-outs (195 Tracks)
+ 136 Morning, Breakfast & Start Off Related Drops + 68 Listener Drops + 75 More Assorted Elements (Shells/Mixouts)

Now Available @

Morning Freqz

Joe & Bryan have created this imaging library with their fellow overburdened production friends in mind. Given the stressful deadlines, producing multiple stations and late nights, these tools should increase your productivity, keep your workflow moving quickly & give you a chance to come up for air ………you might even get a night or weekend off!