New Sound Design: IMPACTIPUS!

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Adam Venton is BACK in a big way. His Little Monster Media imprint has released a BIG, MASSIVE, CRUSHING, EXPLOSIVE, BLISTERING…and yet… tight, subtle, tuned, light, EXTREMELY useful collection of IMPACTS.  You may call them HITS, SLAMS or something else but if you produce Radio Imaging you probably use them often.

IMPACTIPUS – Go get it!

You get over 125 sounds, useful on ANY format plus (my request) a batch of tuned Sub-Bass and musical hits covering the octave (12 steps), note’s marked in each file name.

This is exactly what I was looking for.  I find myself using Wipes and Hits more than anything else so it has become one of those Sound Design categories of which I can never get enough.

I demanded politely asked him for an early release discount or maybe something special for YOU who are reading THIS post.  Then he told me the price…

OVER 125 sounds for £59.99 (About $77 USD)!!

That is an economically sensible price for anyone. BUT then he went ahead still dished out a discount!

DISCOUNT CODE!! USE this CODE at Checkout: ‘EARLYIMPACT‘ to get 20% off until 1st October 2018. (If you are finding this after this date, sorry!)

He has PRS info is available…if you are lucky enough to know what that is and are able to take advantage.

*If you have a Sound Design or Audio Production product or other resource you have created, let me know about it.  I am happy to use this blog to support anything you have going as well.