Show Notes: Malcom Ryker

There is a plethora of extra content from Malcom.  BUT if you haven’t heard the actual Podcast yet, click HERE Malcom’s Radio Show:  Scratch n’ Sniff – Conceived by on-air host Malcolm and programmed by DJ Mike Czech, the program takes some of the biggest songs from ACTIVE and ALT Rock, and blends them together to…

Roger Keeler 2019: Show Notes

—This page is FILLED with Audio!!!!— Main Demos and a couple things mentioned in the show at the top… Here are a million (36) “LOL COLORADOPEDIA” Bits Roger sent me — I posted all of them!

Nik Smon: Show Notes

Pictures: Audio: Links: Nik Smon’s Website Nik Smon on Soundcloud Nik Smon on Twitter Nik Smon on LinkedIn OTT Plugin Nik Mentioned <— This is the link to ALL of Xfer Record Free Plugs Tantra DS Plugins Echoboy JR – Soundtoys Iris from izotope “Disrupting the Industry” <— Speaker at Radio Days Nik Referenced – Ben Hammersley…

Show Notes: Terry Phillips

TERRY PHILLIPS Full Demo!!   TERRY PHILLIPS Home Studio   TERRY PHILLIPS Entercom Studio   Newsletters to subscribe to for Plugin lovers (*who want to save money!*): Waves (Always something on sale, huge discounts often, newsletter link at bottom right) Newsletter: Save an additional 10% off any purchase at Waves! Maximize your mixes! Save big…

Mike Andersen: Show Notes

This page is pretty Random but its all extra’s I (think) I mentioned in the show… Audio Links insta   –  @sideshowmha Twitter    –   @sideshowma soundclound  –  sideshowma snapchat  –  sideyyyyy (yeah I’m everywhere ha ha) Facebook   –   Michael (Sidey) Andersen

Wendy K Gray: Show Notes

WKG gave me plenty of material so I’ll post or link all I can!  OR just direct you back to her sites and let her bask in the traffic. WKG Main Site with OH SO much audio and video to consume – I was going to embed a bunch of her vids here but –…

Cowboy Kyle: Show Notes/Audio

Not much to add in text form.  This is a long demo of great content CK gave me. There is more.  MUCH more, ask him!     IF the player fails (WordPress player be buggy lately) CLICK THIS ENTIRE LINE

ARN – Dubai: Show Notes

The Guys – (L to R) Heinie, Vinay and AJ Full Audio Demos: AJ – Heinie Vinay

Jeff Schmidt: Show Notes

Let’s start with the special deal I mentioned in the intro, outro…and maybe in the interview? SPECIAL DEAL PAGE!!!!! As I mentioned, Jeff has always been generous to the Podcast listeners.  This time is no different.  GO SEE and HEAR what he has to offer! AUDIO/VIDEO Alien Imaging Video – Some older examples of Video…

Show Notes: Cross-Burgess

Here are some links and the full audio demos I mentioned: Imaging Blueprint – ContraBand Media – Adam Burgess Full Demo Tom Cross Full Demo [Old-School Prod – from 03/04] Imaging BluePrint March 2015 full Demo

Show Notes: Jason Garte

I think its safe to say this is the perfect companion to this show. One video, Probably everything you need t know to know what The MIx Group is all about. THE MIX GROUP “WHATEVER IT TAKES” from The Mix Group on Vimeo.

Show Notes: Steve Dubbz

As promised here are the long-form demos Steve sent me and don’t forget to check out his site even more great soundz. CHR DEMO – URBAN DEMO – VOICE DEMO –

Show Notes: Jeff Laurence

Here are a couple long for demos and some YT Vids to check out! JEFF_LAURENCE_MULTIFORMAT JEFF_LAURENCE_TV_IMAGING_AUDIO_DEMO EDIT: I forgot to include his site but you are probably skilled at finding things like this on your own!

Show Notes: Capital FM

The team provided some great audio demos which you can hear in full below.  They also shot me some sound cloud links!  Enjoy! Capital Imaging Demo April 2014 Capital Extra Imaging Demo April 2014   Soundclouds of those present who have them: Chris – Jo – Andrew – Ryan – Soundcloud of another team member…

Show Notes – George Whittam – VO Studio Tech

If you are just finding this page and have not heard the podcast it relates to…go here! George Whittam Podcast Part 1 – Part 2 George Whittam – – @vostudiotech Edge Studio – Referenced VO Site – Ewabs Podcast – Gear! Apollo Twin Dou or Solo – Sure PG 42 – CAD e100s – Charter…

Show Notes: Joe Cipriano

Joe Cipriano was kind enough to provide some longer clips of his new book Living On Air.  I have posted those below.  If this is the first page you have come to then please check out the interview! Ladies-and-Gentlemen-Please-Welcome_sample01 Ladies-and-Gentlemen-Please-Welcome_sample_02 Summer-of-69_sample01 Summer-of-69_sample02 The-Sunny-Side_sample01.

Show Notes: Jon Carter

Here is some more audio from Jon including some links to some Youtube vids featuring Jon.  First, Jon’s latest single mentioned in the show – Take Over My Soul (Michael Cassette Remix) Jon Carter – Commercial Jon Carter – Radio Imaging Jon Carter – TV Promo   Jon Mentioned the FREE music beds he offers –…

Show Notes – Vish B

Here are the show notes which are a lot of pics and some more audio to hear… Pictures: Screen Grabs are from Vish’s Benztown Iron Imager Entry.  He is the 1st Runner up.  The photos are pretty obvious Audio: Vish B – Imaging Demo Vish B – R2 News Theme Production Vish B – Rotana…


Here is some Rohira audio!  Enjoy JerryRohira_radio_production JerryRohira_Promo VO Demo_052512 JerryRohira_Rock Imaging 945 The Buzz JerryRohira_Top 40 Bilingual Heavy Beat Imaging JerryRohira_stern_bumper

Show Notes: Bower

Here is some more Magic from Eddie Bower.  More Audio Demos and pics!  Enjoy! Short Bus Extended Demo Eddie Bower_Urban Demo Eddie Bower_Country Demo_ Eddie Bower_Alt Rock Demo Virgin Radio Demo    

Show Notes: Horn

Make sure you check out this post if you are interested in more about Mike Horn.  Below find extended demos featured in the show and the Killerhertz Demo mentioned in the show. MH-B96-COMPOSITE MH-NOW-COMPOSITE MH-AMP-COMPOSITE MH-IMAGING-VOICEOVER-DEMO KHzV2 Demo THIS JUST IN: Grabbed a screen cap from a recent session of Mike’s and the audio of…

Show Notes: Bethell

LOTS to post for Dave.  I will start with the audio… DB JOCK KERRANG DB JOCK HALLAM FM DB IMAGING KERRANG RADIO DB IMAGING KERRANG 105.2 DB ESSEX FM IMAGING DB – SANDY BEECH’s PRODUCTION AT INVICTA DB – KISS VOICEOVERS These are the pics of the famous Mics that Dave discussed in part two…

Show Notes: Legg

This page consists of a couple “full” versions of audio demos I played in show.  Check out the full KTU demo to get a feel for all the cool stuff Harry did at KTU in the mid 2000’s.  Plus there is the extended CHR demo and if you want one more listen to the greatness…

Show Notes – Brian Lee

Here are a few Links mentioned in the Brian Lee Episode… Entertainers Secret… Are you experiencing throat irritation? Do annoying allergies or other respiratory problems bring on those inevitable episodes of dry, sore throat and scratchy, hoarse voice? Do you spend a lot of time speaking, singing, lecturing, selling, teaching, presenting, cheering, telephoning,…

Show Notes – Santos

Contact Mike Stream the GREAT KCSU Audio: Mike Santos_Carson Daly Re-Entries Mike Santos_New Music Now 2011 Composite Mike Santos_Imaging Demo(UNCUT) Mike Santos_Parody-I’m Awkward and I Know It Screen Shots and Studio Pics:    

Show Notes – Matt Fisher

For Matt I posted all the audio he sent me.  The DEMO file is long and has some duplication so you may want to hear the others first. Links: twitter – @mrmatthewfisher sound design – Audio: Matt Fisher – Scotland 11 Music Trail Week 5 08 T In The Park Online Matt Fisher DEMO-mp3…

Show Notes – Crank and Shand

Not a ton to post here because I put all of it in the interview!  BUT most importantly here is the info on the book: FREE Chapter!!  – The Brand I hope that is all I promised…if I forgot to post something, throw a shoe at me.  

Show Notes – Joe Kelly

    Joe Kelly Demos: Joe_Kelly_Retrospective_78-92 Kelly_Recent_Production Joe Kelly Links: AV Deli Tall Cat Productions Joe Kelly Creative Services

Show Notes – D’Agostin

Not too much here but a few links mentioned in the episode… Joe’s Main Website – The contest page at Radio Express – Check out the entries on the left

Show Notes – Dudzic

Trynity Site – Photo Gallery! Full Size Screen Shot 1 Full Size Screen Shot 2

Herrera – Show Notes

Not too much to post here… Stew’s Website! The photo Stew Mentioned…       Primetime Voices Photo Don Lafontaine, Andy Geller, Ashton Smith, Joe Cipriano, Townsend Coleman, George DelHoyo, Scott Weil, Rino Romano, Jonathan Cooke, Dave Fennoy, Stew Herrera, Rafael Ferrer and Tony Rodgers. And here is a video “behind the Scenes” [yframe url=’’]…

Show Notes – Kerber

Here are some nice links for you… Blue Site Link… Spark Site Link… ————————— Facebook page as mentioned in the ep… ————————— Worldwide Radio Summit awards… Here is the place you can vote…

Show Notes – Armstrong

Here are the links discussed in the episode… Paul’s Main Site Paul’s Special ROTR Link – Hear all audio in full featured during the podcast!

Kelsey – Show Notes

Plenty of links!  First Connect with Brian… Facebook Kelsey on The House Twitter YouTube Channel Blog LinkedIn Kelsey On The House Voice-Over website Graphics website Personal website Articles I write for America Online Videos… Bottom Line Design On Camera Reel

Benztown – Show Notes

Links….and more links! Benztown Branding Benztown Blog Benztown on Facebook SoundQuadrat Facebook Imaging Community

Marice Tobias – Show Notes

Marice Tobias has a lot of content on her site which is… ————— Pascal Standaert is featured in part 2.  He has a relatively new site for his imaginbg services… ————— Featured Links and Extras… Face Book Group for Imaging producers…(I think this is the right link, maybe) Benztown Hosted Tutorial/Tips/Tricks site…

Eric Chase – Show Notes

This page shall be filled with audio!  Eric provided me with a ton of it.  It leads off with the 2010 Chase Cuts sampler… CHASECUTS-IMAGING SAMPLER 2010 Then the September 11th piece referenced in the show… 911-AUDIO MONTAGE-BECK VERSION, LONG And now A LOT of other audio to enjoy, including some of his older work…

Kaplan – Show Notes

Kaplan KROQ Prod –kroq-LAinvasionannoucement –kroq-no doubt tease Radio 1 – 1tros Audio —Chris Moyles Show – 1TROS Bit Plastic Surgery FX —

Zurek – Show Notes

Zurek Info… This is the ABC Show Zurek is the Promo Voice for… And here is his Honda spot… ————————————————————– Submitted Content… Pascal Standaert sent in a great post for the submitted content… Click Here

Roo – Show Notes

Here are the Ricky Roo Show Notes… Roo Logos – New Link to Roo Sessions – Logo Production KDWB Demo