Video Demo: Izzo’s Illegal Burrito

I’ve been doing their spots for years and they do some really quality work.  I also LOVE burritos BUT I’ve never been there.  I’m thinking road trip.  Anyone of my southern friends had Izzos?

360 Country (What I have been doing for a few months)

So it is with not a small amount of excitement I get to finally write this post.  While I have been doing a multitude of things for TM Studios/Dial Global since I started in February, the main thing I have been developing is a new country branding product called 360 Country.  My vision, and I think we…

Video: GMC Spot

It was cool to do a TV spot for a car company in which I didn’t have to scream and YELL!

Video Demo – “Stuff” (the store)

Stutter Edit – Quick First Look

Hey Prod nerds (like me), I grabbed Stutter Edit from Izotope the instant it was released.  I had been waiting on this for over a year and can say I love it immediately.  I can’t do a full review yet as I just used it on a basic drum loop for now, which you can…

Benztown Blog – Contest

So my buddies at Benztown Branding are holding a holiday contest and it looks to be pretty cool and pretty wide open for all sorts of folks to enter. This is the main site of the blog. This is the post featuring all the contest info. The prizes also happen to include one of the…

Lone Star Home – Sample promo

Video Tutorial: FX on Fly and No Bounce

I have been working with the guys at Benztown for a while now.  I am pretty happy with the high level of tools they are trying to offer.  The sound design fx, musical elements, format specific ID’s and all the fully produced shells make it a very valuable resource.  Recently they have started up a…