Video Demo: Izzo’s Illegal Burrito

I’ve been doing their spots for years and they do some really quality work.  I also LOVE burritos BUT I’ve never been there.  I’m thinking road trip.  Anyone of my southern friends had Izzos?

360 Country (What I have been doing for a few months)

So it is with not a small amount of excitement I get to finally write this post.  While I have been doing a multitude of things for TM Studios/Dial Global since I started in February, the main thing I have been developing is a new country branding product called 360 Country.  My vision, and I think we…

Video: GMC Spot

It was cool to do a TV spot for a car company in which I didn’t have to scream and YELL!

Stutter Edit – Quick First Look

Hey Prod nerds (like me), I grabbed Stutter Edit from Izotope the instant it was released.  I had been waiting on this for over a year and can say I love it immediately.  I can’t do a full review yet as I just used it on a basic drum loop for now, which you can…

Benztown Blog – Contest

So my buddies at Benztown Branding are holding a holiday contest and it looks to be pretty cool and pretty wide open for all sorts of folks to enter. This is the main site of the blog. This is the post featuring all the contest info. The prizes also happen to include one of the…

Video Tutorial: FX on Fly and No Bounce

I have been working with the guys at Benztown for a while now.  I am pretty happy with the high level of tools they are trying to offer.  The sound design fx, musical elements, format specific ID’s and all the fully produced shells make it a very valuable resource.  Recently they have started up a…

Wondershare Demo Creator Review

I have been interested in creating quick audio production demo for a while.  I also happen to be a complete dunce when it comes to anything that deals in video.  I am an audio guy.  So I grabbed the “Wondershare Demo Creator” demo to see how it works… It is very awesome.  I say that…

Texas Rangers – God Blessed (The) Texas (Rangers)

Here is a mix of “God Blessed Texas” and Rangers Hilights and fan calls.  Pretty simple but fun! Rangers – God Bless Texas I have been hearing that “IT’S TIME!”  I believe that, yes, it is in fact TIME!

96-3 KSCS – Updated Demo

I updated the demo for KSCS Dallas/Fort Worth starring (finally) the new voice John Willyard.  Many of you know we used Jude Corbett for almost, or maybe over 2 years, and he is GREAT at what he does.  I personally look up to him quite a bit.   But for the more “traditional” country sound…

Radio Top Ten – CHR Voice and Production

Here is just a small sample of some imaging I voiced and produced for a new countdown show in Canada.  Toronto…I think….maybe?  I know the site is here… top-ten-sample

Boys of Fall – Texas Remix’s (more)

Here are a couple more versions… KSCS_BOF3_092810 A bit more passionate coach audio in this one… KSCS_BOF4_092810 Update…Version 5 – 10/14/10 KSCS_BOF5_MIX

15/150 Facts – Voiceover

I Did a bunch of work for this auto product.  Its actually NOT the over-the-top-screaming local car company read, so that is nice!

Boys of Fall – Texas Remix’s

So I got some calls from the “talent” and made a couple versions. This one is pretty straight forward… KC – BOF Texas 1 And this one might make you tear up like a little girl… KC – BOF Texas 2


In conjunction with the 2-year anniversary show featuring Eric Chase,  we are launching the brand new production and voice over contest!  Voting is now closed!!! And the winner is…. Name: Pascal Standaert!!!!! – First Place! entry 4 Place of origin: Belgium Where you currently Live: Waregem in Belgium in Europe Where you currently Work: independent…

Get Your Free Demo!

Thanks for checking out what I do. I am happy to provide you with dry voice OR a fully produced sample for your station or group. Please fill in the info below and attach any necessary audio or copy files. I will turn around your requests very quickly!

Big Bad Beds

*Price drop: Dirt cheap production music.  Hope you enjoy! This is Big Bad Beds!  The newest offering from Ryan Drean.  99 30-second beds for you to purchase and then own free and clear. It is royalty-free production music for web, radio, television or anything really. 99 of the sweetest beds you’ve ever laid ears on…

New Client: 93.9 Kiss FM – Lima

Just wanted to thank a new radio client. I have been focusing on building my roster of radio voice/imaging clients so this is nice step for me.  The new launch should occur later in August 2010. I will post as demo as soon as I get one…

Standard Deviants Trailer

This was a rather interesting show I did a brief trailer read for. Standard Deviants Trailer from Don Gaile on Vimeo. Hope they get picked up by someone! Their Official Site…

American Idol Season 9 Bit

I don’t really know much about the show but it appeared it didn’t end the way most people thought it should.  So this is my “whacky” radio bit about the American Idol Season 9 finale. Idol Bit – Clean

Nestle Vitality

Another Voice over for a new product, this time from Nestle.

Skyfire Demo 1 – Ryan Drean VO

I thought this was a cool project and I’m a big tech nerd so I figured I would post it…. Beyond Pix Studios did all the real work –

Bad Mash Trailer (Bollywood)

I don’t know why but I really like doing these.  I get to try and hone my Trailer delivery and still get paid a little bit for it.  I did 2 versions.  An “UP” read and then a more lo-key. Bad Mash Company – UP Bad Mash Company – LO

Updated – KSCS Demo

Updated KSCS Radio Imaging Demo.  Jude Corbett is the Primary voice over. KSCS Dallas 042610 This is just stuff from recent weeks and months.  Including the current TOH with our ACM Station of the year win.  The last promo may or may not have hit the air…ever.

JJ’s All American Grill – Dublin

Just a quick :30 spot I voiced for a Bar and Grill…in Dublin…Ireland (yeah there is a Dublin, TX too)  Thanks to Shane at Q102 for the Gig. JJs Bar & Grill

5K Name Game stuff…

The first file is just a crap-load of 5K Name Game imaging for 96-3 KSCS in Dallas.  The second is when the wheels came off… 5k Name Game Imaging (A LOT) 5K Promo – Things took a bad turn

Brooks and Dunn Promo

Lets see if you can tell what part of this will not make it to air…. bd-final [ad#Google Adsense]

Y-106.5 Launch Demo

I was hired to voice and produce the reimagination of Y-106-5 in Wisconsin.  Its a VERY competitive country market with another station holding strong at the top.  Y-106.5 already does well but hopefully with these imaging changes, the new jingle package and a new PD they can take over the number 1 spot. Y-1065-Launch-Demo

KSCS Dallas – Logo Production

TM Studios produces the jingles at KSCS but to give us a more creative spin on this heritage 4 note sound I started just producing and integrating the logo into promos, TOH’s and song intros.  It worked very well with a Justin Moore song (heard at the end) and I failed miserably with a Lady-A…