CONTEST: Assault from Rick Allen and Sample Logic

One of my favorite radio imaging, music production and NOISE making tools to come out in a long time is Assault.  I posted about it here and it is already among the top 5 most shared pages on my site.  (Actually thats just Facebook and Google +, Twitter not included.) I loved the plug-in so…

Sample Logic – Assault: Product Review

Radio Hero and past guest on the podcast, Rick Allen has released something very special.  Assault from Sample Logic.  Just based on the videos I saw like the one below, I was pretty darn excited to use it.  “But I am a radio guy, its made for Film people right?”  NO.  Well yes, but NO!  I say this…

Imaging Tools: Noise 6

I got to catch up with Toli Matulas recently. He’s Greek (and by the sound of him I wont let him near my woman 😉 He has launched Noise 6 from his company Omega Productions.  I knew Toli as he used to Image Mega in NYC (plus others) and I of course had heard of…

Imaging Tools: Identi-Fi Exp 1

I LOOOOOVE sound design tools.  Many do.  And I’ve made no secret that I am a fan of just about everything Joe D does at Sound Freqz.  I don’t personally know Mike Young but his skills are on display here as well. And the HERE I speak of is Expansion 1 for Identi-Fi.  Go check…

9 1/2 Questions: Jordana Klein

Jordana Klein’s name came up in the Eddie Bower interview and I wanted to waste little time featuring her on the site.

FREE Alien Imaging

Jeff Schmidt is the man behind Alien-Imaging, a bunch of FX I have had for a long time and still find myself using.

Zero-G Maximum Force Imaging

Giorgio Riolo checks in with some quick info on some more fancy Sound Design elements. Zero-G Maximum Force Imaging is a new product from Giorgio Riolo – Sound Design.

Music Radio Creative: Radio

MRC.FM. Its a REMIX-ONLY internet station and self proclaimed “internet’s first 24/7 radio station from a radio jingle production company.”

In the Studio: Anthony McNutt

I started working in small market radio in Kentville, Nova Scotia Canada doing on air, cruiser and commercial production. Then came to Newcap Radio in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the past 7 years as commercial producer, and imaging producer for Q104.

Taken 3: Random Audio I Made

I had this little thing sitting around unfinished for a while. Finally finished it. Its basically what I heard every time I heard the Taken 2 trailer.

Free Sounds: Sound Freqz

A super talented sound designer and imaging producer, Joe D’Agostin (I use his stuff ALL THE TIME), is offering up a sampler of his products.  You may be aware of Sound Freqz and you may have 1 or 2 of his products but now you can get some from all of it. He is selling…