Beech – Show Notes

Sandy’s Music 4 Site -Check it out.  There is a ton to see and hear! Part 3 – Stuff I had to pull out for content/tomfoolery/political offendery Radio 1tros – Current BBC Radio 1 Jingles – Late 90’s CAPITAL FM IMAGING MONTAGE – 1994

Corbett – Show Notes

Jude’s Website Jude’s Full Production Demos… Jude Corbett Sirius, River Jude’s old KRock demo ———————————————————– **Blue Sound Design- Special Price Link** -click that link for an exclusive ROTR – Podcast Discount **Blue Sound Design Site** -cutting edge imaging fx and a great price for any producer

Sykes – Show Notes

Steve’s Full “Hooks” Jingle demo…. SYKES- JINGLE SCOPE WHYI_TOH-HOOKS – Sample **REVIEW** SONAR-Gavan’s Producers Podcast Review Pictures!! Row1 – Sykes setup Row2 – Sykes Jingle Production Screen Caps Row3 and 4 – Sonar Screen Caps

Garrett – Show Notes

PG_chr demo 1996 PG_Hot Ac 1996 **NEW FEATURE** Nick and friends are calling all imaging producers to collaborate on a new online station.  Info at the site

Konsky – Show Notes

Episode 19 – David Konsky Free Audio from Noise Fusion Free Plugs From:  Matthieu BLAISE RAP Mag Awards Find the award page here Screen Shots – Konsky

Cutler – Show Notes

Links… Jim on Facebook Serving Donuts Jim’s Main VO Site Audio… Jim Quiznos Video Jim Discovery Jim TLC Anthrax Sample of Dawn Cutler

Nero – Show Notes

***SPECIAL***  Alien Imaging has offered a special discount to ROTR listeners.  Free Sample Pack too.  It’s good. Halloween – My buddy Landon is a twisted artist and you need to check out and potential purchase one of his masks… Actual Production Links…. Rick Allen – Production Buzz,  Tips, etc Submitted Forum for Music Production –…

Stone – Show Notes

Resources/Links – Sent from Teemu — this is the best thing after ISDN –Also some really great mastering plug-ins (practically for free) –Total life saver is Snapper.  Very handy with Pro Tools especially if you do tons of hook promos –This is really handy for mass converting files – e.g. if you…

Thomas – Show Notes JT_Virgin_demo Jeff has been cool enough to submit some screen shots… 1.  Here is his Capital Filter and Stern Trailer session… – I left em BIG so you could see all the settings easier…

Dewig – Show Notes

*NEW FEATURE* – Listener Submitted Content Sean Galbraith Sean Galbraith_Imaging Sean’s Plug in Settings…

Neidle – Show Notes

Links… Reaper Auio Program – Universal Audio – Guru – Explanation of some settings Ben Uses… As for presets, for RenComp I’m really not doing anything special – attack and release are set to fastest, that’s the key thing! Then set the theshold so the comp’s grabbing probably most of your audio…

Morgan – Show Notes

Not a whole lot to “note” but here are the links I mentioned. 1.  Will Morgan – or 2.  The main intro VO – 3.  Jingle News Posted the Chris Stevens Interview. Thanks! 4.  The Big Bad Beds Demo VO is Jude Corbett –

Filler Show – Show Notes

Episode 5 – Filler Show 1.  Sound Proofing: Portable Box Booth Thingy ATS Acoustics DIY sound proofing 2.  Stutter FX Stutter Audio – Red-Dirt_hiEnrgy_082608 Screen shot of session: 3.  1977 Audio – “Tomorrow Radio” Thanks to Jack Cone – Play Clip 1TomorrowRadio01a Play Clip 2TomorrowRadio01b Play Clip 3TomorrowRadio01c Play Clip 4TomorrowRadio01d

Berlin – Show Notes

Jeff did indeed expand in textual form on Gates and his iTunes Trick… Expanders, or “gates”: I use what is essentially the gate on Metric Halo’s “Channelstrip” plug in. I also have a TC Electronics Gold Channel mic pre with a gate on it that works equally well. I HAD a dbx gate that I…