Episode 51 – 1 – Eddie Bower

Eddie Bower took some time away from his lavish Cali lifestyle to chat it up about Y, Eagle, Power, Star, Virgin and Shortbus…and many other things.

Episode 49 – P1 – Ian Sturgeon

Ian Sturgeon is the creative mind (and hands) behind Big Fish Worldwide. I have been using his products since the day I originally found them which was about 2007.

Episode 48 – P1 – Mitch Todd

Mitch Todd gave me an hour and I took every second of it for this interview! Mitch is the Senior Director of Production, Music Formats at Sirius XM Radio.

EPISODE 47 – P1 – Michael Horn

Mike Horn is the Imaging King at B96 in Chicago. I believe that you will notice he does killer imaging, has many other skills beyond producing radio imaging and is a heckuva nice guy.

EPISODE 47 – P2 – Michael Horn

We continue with Mike Horn and dive a little more into radio and what he does outside Chicago. I ask about the different landscapes and dealing with CHR in 3 of our largest metros.

Episode 45 – P1 – Dave Bethell

Dave Bethell, currently well known as the creative talent behind BedsandBeats.com, is an accomplished producer and voice over artist based in the UK.  Dave has voiced Kiss 100 (among other radio and commercial clients), produced all over the UK in radio imaging and now holds the honor of releasing an album recorded at the wold…

Episode 45 – P2 – Dave Bethell

Here we are with part 2 featuring Dave Bethell.  This part dives into his new release, Big String Beats.  A feature video for this can be found on the show notes page and the audio of course can be found on his website, BedsandBeats.com. Also, thanks to Dave the pics of the famous mics, discussed…

Episode 44 – P1 – Harry Legg

Harry Legg is now known for many things.  He has been a successful voice for radio and TV on a worldwide scale for some time now and his focus lies more in that arena today.  He still produces imaging though, mainly for Benztown Branding – News/Talk.   BUT many know him as the one-time producer…

Episode 44 – P2 – Harry Legg

Part 2 rolls on with Harry Legg.  We continue with the discussion of life after losing a big gig and how Harry reacted and adapted and ultimately found as much or MORE success in his career.  He is candid as expected and also very professional in his recount of the events.  We also get into…

Episode 43 – Brian Lee – Part 1

Brian Lee, one of America’s most recognized voices, is the guest.  He is widely respected for a variety of reasons and excels at literally the highest levels of the industry.   The number one theme I heard most when listeners contacted me before the episode was in regards to his “every-man” delivery.  He is not…

Episode 43 – Brian Lee – Part 2

Part two continues with Brian Lee.  We get a bit more detailed on day-to-day work and the industry as it operates today.  Brian expands on the actual mechanics of being a top voice talent and what is expected.  I also include some submitted questions. episode_43_2_Brian_Lee_041812

Episode 43 – Brian Lee – Part 3

Part three concludes this episode with lots of gear talk and more insight into how he has achieved his GREAT success. Note:  I featured work from Terry Philips at WYCD Detroit.  Brian voices Imaging for plenty of stations but Terry uses Brian as well as anyone.  You can hear a range in his radio delivery…

Episode 42 – Part 1 – Mike Santos

Mike Santos, fellow Colorado State Ram and Imaging producer is the guest.  He has been around the world (literally) and for now has landed in Los Angeles at 97.1 Amp Radio.    He is also an accomplished voice talent and parody-song-maker.  See the show notes page for Santos for an example.  In this one I…

Episode 42 – Part 2 – Mike Santos

Here is part 2 with Mike Santos.  He likes to talk tech-shop and we did.  I also got his open opinions on the status of the industry and our future.  I think we will be ok.  He is a very positive person and very willing to help when and where possible.  So contact him if you want to…

Episode 41 – Part 1 – Matt Fisher

Its been a long couple months of preparing to start a new job (which I am oh so very excited about)  plus enduring the Cumulus move in Dallas, in my current job.  So, after taking a little time away from talking to the paramount figures in Radio Imaging and Voiceover I am back with a…

Episode 41 – Part 2 – Matt Fisher

Part 2 continues with Matt Fisher at BBC – Radio 1 in London.  We do get into the tech speak a little plus I learn exactly where that funny accent of his is actually from 😉 show41_2_020112_Matt Fisher

Episode 39 – Joe Kelly

…this episode focuses on what a producer or voice talent can do to prepare them selves for life after the radio station.

Episode 31 – Part 2 – Brian Kelsey

The episode Continues!  We get a bit more into his time with Howard Stern, his departure from a “brick and mortar” radio station and his passion for carpentry and TV!  He gives some great advice for budding talent and also tells you about his nose.  Actually he is a very positive guy who seems to…

Episode 30 – Part 1 – Benztown

Andy and Oli from Benztown Branding join the show.  They are basically the creative brains behind almost all of the formats they offer.  They produce amazing imaging shells and work-parts plus top quality music compositions.  They are located in Germany but have quickly spread their creative around the world.  Part 1 has plenty of audio…

Episode 29 – Part 1 – Marice Tobias

Marice Tobias is a world respected voiceover consultant.  She is more than a coach and has a reputation matched by almost none other.  You have heard her name mentioned in many other episodes by the biggest names in the industry.  I personally found this episode to be valuable as she speaks truth and doesn’t pull…

Episode 29 – Part 2 – Pascal Standaert

In Part 2 I have a short chat with the winner of the Production contest 2010.  The theme was “Chase” and Pascal had a very creative entry! show29_2_102510 Click this for the link to the contest page… https://www.ryandrean.com/2010/08/contest-2010-theme-chase/ Or click here to see his site! http://www.imagingdogs.com/