Cutler – Show Notes

Links… Jim on Facebook Serving Donuts Jim’s Main VO Site Audio… Jim Quiznos Video Jim Discovery Jim TLC Anthrax Sample of Dawn Cutler

Thomas – Show Notes JT_Virgin_demo Jeff has been cool enough to submit some screen shots… 1.  Here is his Capital Filter and Stern Trailer session… – I left em BIG so you could see all the settings easier…

Filler Show – Show Notes

Episode 5 – Filler Show 1.  Sound Proofing: Portable Box Booth Thingy ATS Acoustics DIY sound proofing 2.  Stutter FX Stutter Audio – Red-Dirt_hiEnrgy_082608 Screen shot of session: 3.  1977 Audio – “Tomorrow Radio” Thanks to Jack Cone – Play Clip 1TomorrowRadio01a Play Clip 2TomorrowRadio01b Play Clip 3TomorrowRadio01c Play Clip 4TomorrowRadio01d