EPISODE 47 – P1 – Michael Horn

Mike Horn is the Imaging King at B96 in Chicago. I believe that you will notice he does killer imaging, has many other skills beyond producing radio imaging and is a heckuva nice guy.

EPISODE 47 – P2 – Michael Horn

We continue with Mike Horn and dive a little more into radio and what he does outside Chicago. I ask about the different landscapes and dealing with CHR in 3 of our largest metros.

Show Notes: Horn

Make sure you check out this post if you are interested in more about Mike Horn.  Below find extended demos featured in the show and the Killerhertz Demo mentioned in the show. MH-B96-COMPOSITE MH-NOW-COMPOSITE MH-AMP-COMPOSITE MH-IMAGING-VOICEOVER-DEMO KHzV2 Demo THIS JUST IN: Grabbed a screen cap from a recent session of Mike’s and the audio of…