Cowboy Kyle: Show Notes/Audio

Not much to add in text form.  This is a long demo of great content CK gave me. There is more.  MUCH more, ask him!     IF the player fails (WordPress player be buggy lately) CLICK THIS ENTIRE LINE

Episode 95: Cowboy Kyle

CK, Kyle, Cowboy – whatever you call him – Cowboy Kyle is the Imaging Director at WUSY – US 101 in Chattanooga. CK also images over 20 country stations nationwide including New Orleans, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Augusta, Des Moines, Wichita, and several more. He KILLS it by knowing the audience, knowing how to write for…

Episode 76: 360 Country Call – Artist Audio

This is another “Special” episode that runs across multiple platforms.  Personally I think it could or should be useful to anyone who produces imaging, in any format.  This is a Quarterly Conference Call for 360 Country Stations. We have a chat about the BEST ways to gather and utilize artist audio in the Country Format.…

Clay JD Walker: Country Imaging KILLER

This is the first time I am featuring some of Clay’s work here on my site but you can hear a lot of his glorious Country imaging over on 360 Country or read his blog posts on our blog.  I have been lucky enough to be considered one of the good Country Imagers over the last few years.…

Sell the Sizzle and FAST

Savvy PD’s had been maximizing their opportunities efficiently for years before PPM came along. “Selling the Sizzle, not the Steak” was a phrase I heard my entire professional career which started in 2000. But it is more important than ever to do this because…NOW ITS SCIENCE.

360 Country (What I have been doing for a few months)

So it is with not a small amount of excitement I get to finally write this post.  While I have been doing a multitude of things for TM Studios/Dial Global since I started in February, the main thing I have been developing is a new country branding product called 360 Country.  My vision, and I think we…

Y-106.5 Launch Demo

I was hired to voice and produce the reimagination of Y-106-5 in Wisconsin.  Its a VERY competitive country market with another station holding strong at the top.  Y-106.5 already does well but hopefully with these imaging changes, the new jingle package and a new PD they can take over the number 1 spot. Y-1065-Launch-Demo

Episode 4 – Phat Matt Ganssle

Ryan Drean and Phat Matt Ganssle discuss the world of radio imaging in the eyes of the single format imaging producer. We look at the realities of radio today and what changes might be on the horizon. Advice a plenty for the young radio producers of the world. show4_123108