FREE VST’s in 2016 (So Far)

Been way too long since I wrote up a simple, unassuming blog post.  I typically try to save the blog for something of real value, whether free or discounted product, or just great info.  AND today I keep it going BUT it’s FREE product x 25! That’s right, 25 free VST plugins producers are digging…

Izotope DDLY: FREE (’til March 10)

Let’s get back to blogging!!  I grabbed DDLY last week and immediately LOVE it.  I get overwhelmed by reverb and delay plugs sometimes.  Mainly because they offer so many ways to tweak and often I don’t have the time to really figure them out.  So… I keep going back to AIR Delay or other simple options.…

Best Paid and FREE Plug-ins: Submitted

Below you will see some more paid and free plugins submitted from around the web and the world. I know, for instance, Lou Medina here at TM and I tried out the Massey Plugs

Plug-ins: Best Paid and FREE

Below you will see the plug-ins of choice and surprisingly to me there was almost ZERO overlap. I also make note of favorite FREE plugs when appropriate.