96-3 KSCS – Updated Demo

I updated the demo for KSCS Dallas/Fort Worth starring (finally) the new voice John Willyard.  Many of you know we used Jude Corbett for almost, or maybe over 2 years, and he is GREAT at what he does.  I personally look up to him quite a bit.   But for the more “traditional” country sound…

Boys of Fall – Texas Remix’s (more)

Here are a couple more versions… KSCS_BOF3_092810 A bit more passionate coach audio in this one… KSCS_BOF4_092810 Update…Version 5 – 10/14/10 KSCS_BOF5_MIX

Updated – KSCS Demo

Updated KSCS Radio Imaging Demo.  Jude Corbett is the Primary voice over. KSCS Dallas 042610 This is just stuff from recent weeks and months.  Including the current TOH with our ACM Station of the year win.  The last promo may or may not have hit the air…ever.

Episode 22 – 1 – Jude Corbett

Jude Corbett is an Internationally known voice talent based in Chicago.  He works in radio imaging, television promo, the voice of the Indy Racing, HBO First Look and many many more venues.  Jude discusses his career from some town in Indiana (terre haute) to St. Louis, Chicago, NYC and back to Chi-town.  He’s a past…

Corbett – Show Notes

Jude’s Website Jude’s Full Production Demos… Jude Corbett Sirius, River Jude’s old KRock demo ———————————————————– **Blue Sound Design- Special Price Link** -click that link for an exclusive ROTR – Podcast Discount **Blue Sound Design Site** -cutting edge imaging fx and a great price for any producer

5K Name Game stuff…

The first file is just a crap-load of 5K Name Game imaging for 96-3 KSCS in Dallas.  The second is when the wheels came off… 5k Name Game Imaging (A LOT) 5K Promo – Things took a bad turn

KSCS performance studio

Here is the first shot from the new Kscs performance area. Soon it will have new floors, new lighting and a new PA system.

KSCS Dallas – Logo Production

TM Studios produces the jingles at KSCS but to give us a more creative spin on this heritage 4 note sound I started just producing and integrating the logo into promos, TOH’s and song intros.  It worked very well with a Justin Moore song (heard at the end) and I failed miserably with a Lady-A…