Best Paid and FREE Plug-ins: Submitted

Below you will see some more paid and free plugins submitted from around the web and the world. I know, for instance, Lou Medina here at TM and I tried out the Massey Plugs

Plug-ins: Best Paid and FREE

Below you will see the plug-ins of choice and surprisingly to me there was almost ZERO overlap. I also make note of favorite FREE plugs when appropriate.

Stutter Edit – Quick First Look

Hey Prod nerds (like me), I grabbed Stutter Edit from Izotope the instant it was released.  I had been waiting on this for over a year and can say I love it immediately.  I can’t do a full review yet as I just used it on a basic drum loop for now, which you can…

Epsiode 25 – Zurek

Zurek is a highly sought after voice talent with many years behind the mic, on and off air in the CHR and Urban world’s.  He has been on his own as a successful voice over artist for 5 years now and is heard on increasingly more and more mediums.  Rcently he booked a rather high-profile…

Zurek – Show Notes

Zurek Info… This is the ABC Show Zurek is the Promo Voice for… And here is his Honda spot… ————————————————————– Submitted Content… Pascal Standaert sent in a great post for the submitted content… Click Here

Pascal Standaert – Vocal Chain

Pascal Standaert (Radio “RGR FM” Waregem – The Powerstation) with help from Lex from LDG studios (.be) sent in some great screenshots.  These are going to be useful if — A: you don’t have many Waves plug-ins and want to see other ways to get the cutting, edgy vocal sound many hear in CHR and…

Garrett – Show Notes

PG_chr demo 1996 PG_Hot Ac 1996 **NEW FEATURE** Nick and friends are calling all imaging producers to collaborate on a new online station.  Info at the site

Konsky – Show Notes

Episode 19 – David Konsky Free Audio from Noise Fusion Free Plugs From:  Matthieu BLAISE RAP Mag Awards Find the award page here Screen Shots – Konsky

Thomas – Show Notes JT_Virgin_demo Jeff has been cool enough to submit some screen shots… 1.  Here is his Capital Filter and Stern Trailer session… – I left em BIG so you could see all the settings easier…