Pro Tools: Plug-in Menu Favorites

I believe this is NOT new but I didn’t know about it and other producers who know MUCH more than me didn’t know about it either. So, You own 397 plug-ins. Scrolling through your category list is SO easy right? Nope. Now you can pick out 3 or 4 or 6 and put them at…

PRO TOOLS 11: Mac Custom Keyboard Shortcuts FIX

Hey! So wouldn’t you know when I FINALLY got rolling and everything updated in Pro Tools 11, the first thing I noticed is all my keyboard shortcuts were gone!  Awesome right?? NO.  After some research I found the fix and if you like to SEE these kinds of things, I made a video… ..If you like…

PRO TOOLS QUICK TIP: Insertion Follows Playback

You want to hit Play and have the Playhead (cursor) stop where you hit stop. You do NOT want it to jump back to the spot at which you hit play. Turn on the little Arrow/Play Button looking thing on the right, next to the Main Counter- excuse the technical jargon.

Pro Tools Quick Tip: Post Roll

This is one of those things I notice more producers do NOT have turned on. I personally think it helps me work faster and its possible some people are not aware of it or never bothered to click it. But mainly people are aware of it and somehow decided they don’t like it.

TIP: Add/Change Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are like me you  like to F%$K with stuff.  Actually, you like to make things more efficient for your workflow.  You may be aware of the Keyboard Shortcut editor in the Mac settings.  This quick video shows you how to use this feature to make Pro Tools better.  I saw this tip a…

Test Drive: Blue Cat FREE Plug-ins

Free plug-ins are usually of a lesser quality and only made to get you to eventually buy the paid versions or other flavors the same company may sell.  Put asses in the seats and then grab the cash later.  Blue Cat has been around, a while, but I never really dove into these.  Here I…

Tip and/or Trick: Fade a Bunch of Tracks

I REALLY want to keep up the super-simple-beginner tutorials but have been terrible at doing it.  I meant to post this last week or so but here is a quickie for Pro Tools users.  If I dont talk they seem to go a LOT faster.  So that will be one of my goals.  Yes, to…

Pro Tools 10: Clip Gain

I have been meaning to make it “official” for a while so now is as good a time as any: I love Clip Gain.  If you are running Pro Tools 10, Congratulations.  If not this may be transferable to other DAW’s but I doubt it.  Actually what clip gain does is not brand new.  It allows you…

Tutorial: Vocal Spread/Stereo FX

The idea is to create a few extra tracks, do some settings tweaks and add some plug-ins so that in the future you will have a slew of commonly used vocal tricks, instantly. I wouldn’t say this is the most basic of tricks but is pretty easy. Production 102 (if not 101).

Best Paid and FREE Plug-ins: Submitted

Below you will see some more paid and free plugins submitted from around the web and the world. I know, for instance, Lou Medina here at TM and I tried out the Massey Plugs

9 1/2 Questions: Raul Segura

I speak English but others do not.  In fact I just looked it up on the very accurate and highly respected intellectual resource, Wikipedia, which makes claims that today Spanish is spoken natively by about 400 million people.  Adding in non-native speakers the # rises to almost 500 million.  So, incorporating my analysis I break…

Plug-ins: Best Paid and FREE

Below you will see the plug-ins of choice and surprisingly to me there was almost ZERO overlap. I also make note of favorite FREE plugs when appropriate.

Tutorial: Multiple Tracks, Different FX,Same Voice Over

From time to time I try to create some good (or perhaps just slightly useful) tutorial videos.  I have been amping up my imaging voice over business lately.  I have multiple clients that like me to send the read in multiple filters each time.  In fact, I know Jeff Berlin mentioned this type of thing…

Pro Tools 8.0.4

I have NOT updated to this version yet but it is available.  Here is the PDF of what it does.  When the 8.0.3 update came out in one studio it did no harm.  In the other it did harm.  So I am hesitant.