Episode 118: Scott Matthews

After this interview, and based on our conversations away from the show, I can safely say that Scott Matthews LOVES radio and is proud to make it his primary focus.  Scott Matthews is a Radio Imaging Voice. I think I could leave it there and he would be fine with that.  But alas that is…

Episode 116: Graeme Judd

The show’s guest, Graeme Judd, is one of the preeminent Promo Voices in the US (and Canada). I have had the luxury of speaking to some of the biggest names in more than one industry and in his, he is near the very top.  Graeme is regularly heard on CBS, E!, Fox and a multitude…

Episode 103: Ben Marks

That’s Ben marks!  Imaging Producer at Reel World Europe.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many people from their team and like everyone else – Ben exudes class, humility and TALENT. Check out the link below to Reel World’s Blog about the Radio 1 Extra project.  It should show you all you need…


To celebrate the (official) 100th show of my now 8 year old podcast I set out to create the most International audio program about the current state of Radio Imaging.  I asked about 40 radio pros to talk about radio imaging. Simple right?  We discuss why we do it, the future of the industry, what we…

The Producers Podcast

— This is a resource for Audio Producers and Voice Over artists. We cover Radio Imaging Production, Voiceover of all kinds (including TV Promo, Imaging, Commercial, Trailer, Industrial, Online, Social), Audio Technology, industry trends past present and future and anything related to audio and visual media. It is an interview format and there is a…

Episode 67 – P2 – Capital FM/Network/XTRA/TV

Part 2 continues abruptly with me going on a sports tangent.  Leave it to me to talk American Football with 5 British people.  Then we get into a ton of great topics including the ever popular “Sound Gear” stuff and all the tools etc that go into branding one of the largest media properties on…

Episode 63: Brian Cooney Part 1

Brian Cooney, requested multiple times, was a nice chat and very insightful on the voiceover world.  I really enjoyed his candor on certain topics like money, unions, competition and workloads. I have had multiple interviewees in the past tell me they prefered not to speak about one or more of these issues.  BUT we are…

Episode 63: Brian Cooney Part 2

My new friend Brian Cooney is back with part 2!  Actually he didn’t go anywhere but whatever.  FYI-I cut it off right before we started the Union talk so Part2 begins as we dive into that. Then we talk different types of jobs, gaining and losing gigs, studio specs and other tech related issues.


LIVE LINK: http://youtu.be/eTHturA0gCY UPDATE: We have locked in a new DATE/TIME: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15TH 12PM ET / 9AM PT SYKES – BERLIN – DREAN TECH ROUNDTABLE This is the post I will keep on the front page of my site. It will be updated with info on how to join us live.  BUT for now be…

Pro Tools 10: Clip Gain

I have been meaning to make it “official” for a while so now is as good a time as any: I love Clip Gain.  If you are running Pro Tools 10, Congratulations.  If not this may be transferable to other DAW’s but I doubt it.  Actually what clip gain does is not brand new.  It allows you…

FROM PC TO MAC P2: Terminal Commands

In the last, and inaugural, post about my addition of the Mac environment to my workflow I mentioned that I really like both PC and MAC.  However, there are some things I couldn’t really get used to the Mac OS.  This time I wanted to point out the Terminal.  In Applications>Utilities.  Some Mac users may never use…

From PC to MAC P1: Mouse and Keyboard

If you are like me you are, or were, a “PC” guy….or gal.  But for one reason or another you are making the transition to Mac.  I am 50/50.  I have about 5 different computers….actually 6 that I work on regularly.  I know that’s ridiculous but I like “gear” and I have  different machines for…

MUST READ: How is this even possible?

Lori Lewis does it again. An employee with Jacobs Media, she writes about Social Strategy in a column called Merge, seen weekly on All Access. This installment really shocked me.

New or ReCycled Sessions?

Efficiency and Creativity. The question: Is it better to start a new session or try to repurpose an old one?

Free Music: Extra AMERICAN!

We will put up some content on the Soundcloud page from time to time. If we post it there we will make it downloadable and if we make it downloadable, its FREE and CLEAR.

Soundcloud + Getty Images

Basically, you can connect your Soundcloud account to Getty Images Music Licensing (Getty Images) and start getting your music and/or content “out there” for licensing to media, advertisers, designers and creatives

Los Productores y Ryan Drean: En Español

Raul Segura, has interviewed me! In fact he runs an entire spanish audio production and voiceover blog. If you speak/read spanish then you could take a peek. OR if you are looking for a great Spanish language resource this could be your spot.

Don’t Forget To Close Your Eyes

He says “Who cares? Don’t forget to close your eyes sometimes. It helps to stop visualizing the production and JUST listen to it.”

Sell the Sizzle and FAST

Savvy PD’s had been maximizing their opportunities efficiently for years before PPM came along. “Selling the Sizzle, not the Steak” was a phrase I heard my entire professional career which started in 2000. But it is more important than ever to do this because…NOW ITS SCIENCE.

Tutorial: Add Some Tempo Effects!

Here is one way to incorporate TEMPO EFFECTS, and maybe the easiest, to get an OBVIOUS and QUICK result. You always want to make the Vocal track sound “interesting.”

Phonetic Spelling: Help a VO out!

Fortunately, my workload is ever increasing a fact about which I will never complain. But with that comes new challenges. One that has stood out recently is having a clue how to pronounce words that I have never seen much less heard before.

In the (Road) Studio: Simple, Clean Voiceover in a Bedroom

…this is a just a simple video I made just after doing some imaging VO. Someone asked me what I take on the road as the final product does sound pretty clean. Surprisingly clean. Below find the actual types out specs of what I have here and how I use it.

All Access 10 Q’s

I got interviewed by All Access for their 10Q’s section.  Here is a little from that and the link if you have a few minutes to kill.  I attempted to sound intelligent at times… Link – http://www.allaccess.com/country/10-questions/archive/14017/10-questions-with-ryan-drean

Tutorial: Multiple Tracks, Different FX,Same Voice Over

From time to time I try to create some good (or perhaps just slightly useful) tutorial videos.  I have been amping up my imaging voice over business lately.  I have multiple clients that like me to send the read in multiple filters each time.  In fact, I know Jeff Berlin mentioned this type of thing…

360 Country (What I have been doing for a few months)

So it is with not a small amount of excitement I get to finally write this post.  While I have been doing a multitude of things for TM Studios/Dial Global since I started in February, the main thing I have been developing is a new country branding product called 360 Country.  My vision, and I think we…

New Site Design!! (Probable Issues)

Just a quick note…as of 5/10/12 (because apparently I didn’t get enough site drama with my server change) I am having the whole site redesigned…again…  Once complete it will be pretty sweet which means easier to look at, easier to navigate and way more contemporary.  I have delayed the podcast until I know it will…

The Producers Podcast: Now on Stitcher

The show is now on Stitcher!  In the interest of trying to expand this podcast of mine to as many easy to use platforms as possible, well, here we are!  I was reading the 75 must have apps (for android) and this was a highly recommend podcast/radio app.  I used it and yes, it was…

Stutter Edit – Quick First Look

Hey Prod nerds (like me), I grabbed Stutter Edit from Izotope the instant it was released.  I had been waiting on this for over a year and can say I love it immediately.  I can’t do a full review yet as I just used it on a basic drum loop for now, which you can…

Texas Rangers – God Blessed (The) Texas (Rangers)

Here is a mix of “God Blessed Texas” and Rangers Hilights and fan calls.  Pretty simple but fun! Rangers – God Bless Texas I have been hearing that “IT’S TIME!”  I believe that, yes, it is in fact TIME!

96-3 KSCS – Updated Demo

I updated the demo for KSCS Dallas/Fort Worth starring (finally) the new voice John Willyard.  Many of you know we used Jude Corbett for almost, or maybe over 2 years, and he is GREAT at what he does.  I personally look up to him quite a bit.   But for the more “traditional” country sound…

Radio Top Ten – CHR Voice and Production

Here is just a small sample of some imaging I voiced and produced for a new countdown show in Canada.  Toronto…I think….maybe?  I know the site is here… top-ten-sample

Boys of Fall – Texas Remix’s (more)

Here are a couple more versions… KSCS_BOF3_092810 A bit more passionate coach audio in this one… KSCS_BOF4_092810 Update…Version 5 – 10/14/10 KSCS_BOF5_MIX

15/150 Facts – Voiceover

I Did a bunch of work for this auto product.  Its actually NOT the over-the-top-screaming local car company read, so that is nice! http://www.fifteenonefifty.com/tvspot.html