Submitted Audio: Chris Moyles 1tros Bit

Had this segment of the Chris Moyles’ Show sent to me by “Andy in Teeside”.  It features the Music4 1tros they produce on a regular basis for Radio 1 in the U.K. First, I like his show a lot though I don’t get to hear it much.  (I wake up at 9:30 if I am…

Episode 23 – Part 1 – Sandy Beech

Sandy Beech, the Managing Director of Music 4 in London, joins the show.  Music 4 has grown to prominence in Radio Jingle production in London and across the U.K.  We discuss his history in radio which took him from Leeds to London and a few places in between including a Pirate Ship! — sort of.…

Episode 23 – Part 2 – Sandy Beech

We continue with Sandy starting with Radio Jingles from the late 90’s mixed into the current Radio “1tros” We delve into many other aspects of running your own company and specifically jingle licensing, producing someone else’s logo and what its like to work in a pl;ace like Music 4. show23_2_033110

Beech – Show Notes

Sandy’s Music 4 Site -Check it out.  There is a ton to see and hear! Part 3 – Stuff I had to pull out for content/tomfoolery/political offendery Radio 1tros – Current BBC Radio 1 Jingles – Late 90’s CAPITAL FM IMAGING MONTAGE – 1994