Roger Keeler 2019: Show Notes

—This page is FILLED with Audio!!!!— Main Demos and a couple things mentioned in the show at the top… Here are a million (36) “LOL COLORADOPEDIA” Bits Roger sent me — I posted all of them!

Show Notes: Terry Phillips

TERRY PHILLIPS Full Demo!!   TERRY PHILLIPS Home Studio   TERRY PHILLIPS Entercom Studio   Newsletters to subscribe to for Plugin lovers (*who want to save money!*): Waves (Always something on sale, huge discounts often, newsletter link at bottom right) Newsletter: Save an additional 10% off any purchase at Waves! Maximize your mixes! Save big…

Mike Andersen: Show Notes

This page is pretty Random but its all extra’s I (think) I mentioned in the show… Audio Links insta   –  @sideshowmha Twitter    –   @sideshowma soundclound  –  sideshowma snapchat  –  sideyyyyy (yeah I’m everywhere ha ha) Facebook   –   Michael (Sidey) Andersen

Wendy K Gray: Show Notes

WKG gave me plenty of material so I’ll post or link all I can!  OR just direct you back to her sites and let her bask in the traffic. WKG Main Site with OH SO much audio and video to consume – I was going to embed a bunch of her vids here but –…

Cowboy Kyle: Show Notes/Audio

Not much to add in text form.  This is a long demo of great content CK gave me. There is more.  MUCH more, ask him!     IF the player fails (WordPress player be buggy lately) CLICK THIS ENTIRE LINE

Show Notes: Steve Dubbz

As promised here are the long-form demos Steve sent me and don’t forget to check out his site even more great soundz. CHR DEMO – URBAN DEMO – VOICE DEMO –

Show Notes: Capital FM

The team provided some great audio demos which you can hear in full below.  They also shot me some sound cloud links!  Enjoy! Capital Imaging Demo April 2014 Capital Extra Imaging Demo April 2014   Soundclouds of those present who have them: Chris – Jo – Andrew – Ryan – Soundcloud of another team member…

EPISODE 47 – P1 – Michael Horn

Mike Horn is the Imaging King at B96 in Chicago. I believe that you will notice he does killer imaging, has many other skills beyond producing radio imaging and is a heckuva nice guy.

EPISODE 47 – P2 – Michael Horn

We continue with Mike Horn and dive a little more into radio and what he does outside Chicago. I ask about the different landscapes and dealing with CHR in 3 of our largest metros.

Show Notes: Horn

Make sure you check out this post if you are interested in more about Mike Horn.  Below find extended demos featured in the show and the Killerhertz Demo mentioned in the show. MH-B96-COMPOSITE MH-NOW-COMPOSITE MH-AMP-COMPOSITE MH-IMAGING-VOICEOVER-DEMO KHzV2 Demo THIS JUST IN: Grabbed a screen cap from a recent session of Mike’s and the audio of…

Marice Tobias – Show Notes

Marice Tobias has a lot of content on her site which is… ————— Pascal Standaert is featured in part 2.  He has a relatively new site for his imaginbg services… ————— Featured Links and Extras… Face Book Group for Imaging producers…(I think this is the right link, maybe) Benztown Hosted Tutorial/Tips/Tricks site…

Eric Chase – Show Notes

This page shall be filled with audio!  Eric provided me with a ton of it.  It leads off with the 2010 Chase Cuts sampler… CHASECUTS-IMAGING SAMPLER 2010 Then the September 11th piece referenced in the show… 911-AUDIO MONTAGE-BECK VERSION, LONG And now A LOT of other audio to enjoy, including some of his older work…

Kaplan – Show Notes

Kaplan KROQ Prod –kroq-LAinvasionannoucement –kroq-no doubt tease Radio 1 – 1tros Audio —Chris Moyles Show – 1TROS Bit Plastic Surgery FX —

Zurek – Show Notes

Zurek Info… This is the ABC Show Zurek is the Promo Voice for… And here is his Honda spot… ————————————————————– Submitted Content… Pascal Standaert sent in a great post for the submitted content… Click Here

Roo – Show Notes

Here are the Ricky Roo Show Notes… Roo Logos – New Link to Roo Sessions – Logo Production KDWB Demo

Beech – Show Notes

Sandy’s Music 4 Site -Check it out.  There is a ton to see and hear! Part 3 – Stuff I had to pull out for content/tomfoolery/political offendery Radio 1tros – Current BBC Radio 1 Jingles – Late 90’s CAPITAL FM IMAGING MONTAGE – 1994

Corbett – Show Notes

Jude’s Website Jude’s Full Production Demos… Jude Corbett Sirius, River Jude’s old KRock demo ———————————————————– **Blue Sound Design- Special Price Link** -click that link for an exclusive ROTR – Podcast Discount **Blue Sound Design Site** -cutting edge imaging fx and a great price for any producer

Sykes – Show Notes

Steve’s Full “Hooks” Jingle demo…. SYKES- JINGLE SCOPE WHYI_TOH-HOOKS – Sample **REVIEW** SONAR-Gavan’s Producers Podcast Review Pictures!! Row1 – Sykes setup Row2 – Sykes Jingle Production Screen Caps Row3 and 4 – Sonar Screen Caps

Garrett – Show Notes

PG_chr demo 1996 PG_Hot Ac 1996 **NEW FEATURE** Nick and friends are calling all imaging producers to collaborate on a new online station.  Info at the site

Konsky – Show Notes

Episode 19 – David Konsky Free Audio from Noise Fusion Free Plugs From:  Matthieu BLAISE RAP Mag Awards Find the award page here Screen Shots – Konsky

Cutler – Show Notes

Links… Jim on Facebook Serving Donuts Jim’s Main VO Site Audio… Jim Quiznos Video Jim Discovery Jim TLC Anthrax Sample of Dawn Cutler

Nero – Show Notes

***SPECIAL***  Alien Imaging has offered a special discount to ROTR listeners.  Free Sample Pack too.  It’s good. Halloween – My buddy Landon is a twisted artist and you need to check out and potential purchase one of his masks… Actual Production Links…. Rick Allen – Production Buzz,  Tips, etc Submitted Forum for Music Production –…

Stone – Show Notes

Resources/Links – Sent from Teemu — this is the best thing after ISDN –Also some really great mastering plug-ins (practically for free) –Total life saver is Snapper.  Very handy with Pro Tools especially if you do tons of hook promos –This is really handy for mass converting files – e.g. if you…

Thomas – Show Notes JT_Virgin_demo Jeff has been cool enough to submit some screen shots… 1.  Here is his Capital Filter and Stern Trailer session… – I left em BIG so you could see all the settings easier…

Filler Show – Show Notes

Episode 5 – Filler Show 1.  Sound Proofing: Portable Box Booth Thingy ATS Acoustics DIY sound proofing 2.  Stutter FX Stutter Audio – Red-Dirt_hiEnrgy_082608 Screen shot of session: 3.  1977 Audio – “Tomorrow Radio” Thanks to Jack Cone – Play Clip 1TomorrowRadio01a Play Clip 2TomorrowRadio01b Play Clip 3TomorrowRadio01c Play Clip 4TomorrowRadio01d